Divergent Movie Review

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Well, I guess finally I have a break from this exams for a moment. Eventhough I still have a national exams waiting a month away, I’m glad that I finally watched Divergent.

 As I thought, it is amazing. The settings and actions are just stunning. The Divergent world they potray is so much better than what I have imagined before. Everything was translated perfectly.

Of course , there’s the plot. At the beginning of the movie, we were introduced in a perfect way. I used to be curious how it would turned out since in the book mostly things are explained by Tris in her POVs instead by the dialouges. But everything is perfect. How the introduce the factions, the Dauntless, Abnegation are jut fantastic. There are some changings,though. As the movie progress, the plot just start to change and they started to miss some details. But I don’t think it is much of problems to the point that I will hate it. Besides, the feeling you got almost the same ^^

In a matter of fact, I love the movie. It may not be exactly like the book, but somehow the movie has it own charms. And I love their versions too. I even have some favorite scenes like : the knife trowing, the jumping train,ferris wheel and of course the zip line. But I also dissappointed with some scenes, like the sleep walking dauntless scene . I think they could do better than that. It is kinda sad, especially it was one of my most awaited scenes.

As for the characters. I used to despise the castings. But they turned out to be perfectly fit for the role. There are some problems though. One, I think they lack of interactions and focuses. Most of the time, the movie focuses on Tris and Four only. I didn’t even see the relationship that Will and Christina have. Two, I felt like in the movie, they seemed like trying to make the characters more stereotypes by erasing some flaws. For example, Tris has a stubborn, sarcastic attitude. But I didn’t really showed in the movie. And it was a bit of dissapointment, because sometimes, their flaws are things  that make them them.

I’m not gonna review all the casts because it will take forever. But one of the casts that stand out most, I think is the one who play Caleb, Ansel Elgort. When they first casting him, I didn’t know who he is. And I was hoping that they could find a talented actor to play Caleb, because I always find that Caleb has layers and layers of personality as the story progress.  So far, Ansel could potray the good boy, caring brother type Caleb like in the Divergent perfectly. I just hope that he will be able to manage it when he do the traitor type Caleb in Insurgent.

Well that’s my review. Hope you enjoy it. And if you havent watch it, then go to the movie theater now because it is one of the best movie of the year.


Kristelle Linawan said...

I haven't watched this one yet. I haven't read the book yet! I am completely outdated. Thanks for the review and the follow. There are so many friends of mine who somehow somewhat did not like the movie version as how they talk about it but I just can't really say something 'coz I neither read nor watch the book and the movie :)

eternalbooks said...

I think you should watch 'em! I am a little bit late myself. It is a little bit different than the book, but it is definitely amazing and must-watched!

Hellen said...

I haven't watched this movie yet. I was going to read the book first, but I have so many books that I want to read, that maybe I should start with the movie.

Dan O. said...

Seemed stale and unoriginal, which is more to say about the whole YA movie-genre in general. Good review.

Mia Searles said...

Hey, hey! I know it's been awhile since I stopped by, so I figured to come say hi. So glad I did because I read Divergent and saw the movie opening day. I absolutely loved the movie! I agree with just about everything you said in your review. I just want to add the one thing that I felt was lacking were the scenes with Al that led up to his suicide. Since we read the book, we were expecting it, but you are right, they focused so much on Tris and Four that we really didn't get to see character development from other key players, like Al crying at night. Will and Christina's budding relationship, etc. So when Al dies, it just feels so sudden because you don't get to see the emotional turmoil he went through.

Anyway, great review. Feel free to stop by my blog sometime!

Best Wishes,
Mia @ The Muses Circle

eternalbooks said...

Hi Mia! Well I'm glad that you read the book because it is amazing to join Tris 's adventure in the book! I'm happy that you agree with me.

Anyway , thanks for stopping by. I'm going to go to your blog!

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