Hi, I'm just a teenage girl with a normal upside-down in my life. Like any normal girls, I like to read, writting, and listening to music. Recently, I've made a blog where I post all my thought about books that I've read

I like to read both mangas and novels. My favorite manga is Fairy Tail and Ao no Excorcist. I love fantasies novels, and my favorite author is Rick Riordan. I love to read novels for years, but Percy Jackson is the first series I have ever finished :D

I listen to any kind of music including classics. I think Vitalli and Tchiaikovsky are my favorite composers. I also like alternative pop/rock music, like Yellowcard's music.

I would call myself a sleepy head, because I love sleeping more than anything.  I always spend most of my holiday hibernating in my comfy bed, only wake up when my stomach force me to.

Besides sleeping my talents are daydreaming and making sounds like a retarded seal. I'm good at those thing and I don't know if I have another talents. But I do have another hobby, which is performing in the bathroom when my family isn't at home.

Well, I guess that's all about me. Thanks for coming!!!

Feel free to contact me :
Email : eternalbook06@gmail.com


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Hellooooo! We've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Details on the blog:

aaxelazara said...

Anne Of Green Gables - Lucy M. Montgomery

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