Gravity ( Taking #1) by Melissa West

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

ISBN13   : 9781620610916
Pages       :  284
My Rating :  9/10

Summary :
In the future, human living coexist with aliens called the Ancients. Human need the Ancients to rebuilt the earth that have been destroyed after the World War 4, and the Ancients need human to provide them the antibodies they need throught something called the Taking. Humans aren't supposed to see the Ancients, so they need to use a special patch that prevent them to see the Ancients during the Taking. When Ari lost her patch, she found out that the one who host her is no other than her classmate, Jackson. Since then, Ari realize that her life will no longer be the same

I hate to say that this book isn’t the most popular book, but I definitely recommend it! So, here’s my review

It started a little bit slow . But when you hit chapter 3, the story was getting better and better. There are many surprises in each chapter, you will never get bored! I love the idea and the storyline. They’re fresh and not cheesy. The twist at the end is amazing and make me waiting for the next book.

I love the writing style. It is so good that I could feel that I was there when the events happen. I didn’t believe it is the author, Melissa West, first book. I mean, her writing is so good and prefesional. You can imagine how confuse Ari was when she needed to choose between mankind or preventing the war.

My favorite character is definitely Ari. She is brave, strong and smart, and I love that kind of heroine ^^. She also can stand for herself and really independent. I also like Jackson. I like that he always protect Ari.  He is calm and collated. I  still like him, even when Ari’s Dad told her about Jackson’s plan to spy on her.

And for the romance. I think the romance come a little bit to fast. Jackson already told her that he like her at the chapter 5. But they’re still cute and fun to read. Two people from two different world with the same intentions.

Again, I love the book very much. I never really like a story about aliens, but this book is definitely hook me up.It’s flawless. I  would give it 10/10 if not for the beginning. But overall,this book is amazing. I really hope that you would read it too. I recommend it ,especially for dystopian lover :D.

Well, that’s all. Hope you like it and thanks to come by. And for the author, I would say it is a nice book and I definitely looking forward for the next book.

"The truth is... Ancient or not, I'm starting to think Jackson and I may be more alike than  I ever could have guessed ", Ari Alexander 

"No matter what happens in this war, I realize in that moment that I care about Jackson", Ari Alexander


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