Insurgent ( Divergent #2) by Veronica Roth

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

 ISBN13: 9780007442911
My Rating : 10/10

Summary :
When the Abnegation was attacked and the Dauntless was under the simulation, all of the survivors, including Tris need to move and search helps from others faction while trying to stop the leader of Erudite, Jeanine, from her plans. And while doing so, slowly Tris learn that there’s more than what it seems.

It’s been a while since I read it but here’s my review

This book is as amazing as the first one, but a little bit more emotional I guess.Most because Tris parents was dead and she had killed Will before. She get a little bit overwhelmed, I guess. I love how the author gave more spotlight to the factions that seems minor on the first book, like Candor and Amity. And then I love that Tris and Tobias were not alone. There’s more divergence!!

There’s also the factionless. I was wondering how’s the factionless when I read the first book and I think it was answered now.  So I guess it’s no longer against the Erudite but the factionless huh? I also love the twist in the end, make me want the next book to come faster

Anyway, in the book, the relationship between Tris and Tobias wa put on a test, but they made it trought in the end. I love the couple and they’re really cute aren’t they? Talking about Tobias, I love to see more about him and his family. I feel bad about him though. His father was violating him and his mom was running away, plus his friends , the Dauntless, didn’t help him at all. I mean, everyone has a weakness or some past that you can’t get away with. So, if Tobias chose to leave his dad, then what’s the problem?

For the other character, I love that Christina finally forgive Tris and befriends her again. I love that she understood about Tris’s circumstance. Tris had to made a quick action in the middle of pressures and fears. And then there’s Lynn. At first, I thought she likes Uriah but at the end she say she loves Marlene “in that way”. Does it make her a lesbian? Does it? I don’t really know.  And I don’t mind with it. I’m not a sexist, gays or  lesbians doesn’t bother me :D

Oh, almost forgot to mention Caleb. To be honest, I hate him now. How can a brother betray his sister like that? Gosh! Tris had done anything to protect him, to keep him save. But in the end he just sold her to Jeanine. I know that he has to defend his faction. But didn’t he know that his leader is a meanie? There’s even some Erudite that didn’t agree with Jeanine, so why did he?

So, that’s my review. This is a thrilling book and I’m definitely looking for the next one.
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