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Tuesday, June 2, 2015 
Lucy form Big Whale Small Whale is an amazing and sweet book blogger. She also love music and cooking. Here’s my interview with her :

What is your favorite song lately?
 Oh my goood! If you ask me about my favorite song lately, I would end up giving you a list x] Okayyyy I should control myself :) I've been listen to:
Tower ( Don't look down) - Skylar Grey
♥ The Phoenix - Fall out boy
♥ Best song ever - One Direction
♥ Animal - Neon Tree
♥ To build a home - The Cinematic Orchestra
♥ Black beauty - Lana del Rey
♥ Chameleon - Ryan Beatty
♥ La la la - Naughty Boy,Sam Smith
♥ I love it - Icona Pop
Who is your favorite musician/ composer?
I actually don’t really have a certain favorite musician :? since  I listen to mostly everything :D But mostly I listen to Imagine Dragons, The Script, One Republic, Lawson, Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Marina and the Diamonds, Greyson Chance, One Direction, Taylor Swift, Birdy, Macklemore and ED SHEERAN ♥
Do you listen to music when you’re reading a book? Why?
I don’t listen to music when I read a book :( I have an extremely bad concentration :< Whenever I listen to music, I would just focus on the music :\ and get lost at the book :\ It’s the same when I go to sleep -.- even with the softest song, I couldn’t sleep since I kept listening to them :<
Do you have a special playlist for reading? What songs does it consists?
 Ummm...if I can listen to music while reading I would put
♥ The A team - Ed Sheeran
♥ More than this - One Direction
♥ Moment - One Direction
♥ Sad - Maroon 5
♥ The Gambler - Fun
♥ Hundred - The Fray
What is the most meaningful song for you?
I would take “I will be. By Avril Lavigne” :)
It’s a very old song but it really inspired me to keep holding on and tells me that there’s someone who cares :) and I just need to wait :D
Do you have any song that remind you of a book? What is it?
 Not really :? Hmmmm...okayy I don’t have one :< But I will have one ;)
Is there any song that you  recommend? What is it?
OMG! There’re a lot of song!
♥ You changed - Kelly Rowland,Beyonce,Michelle Williams
♥ Turnt - The Dream,Beyonce,2 Chainz
♥ La la la -   Naughty Boy,Sam Smith
♥ Daydreamer - Adele
♥ All Ed Sheeran ‘s song s:)

That’s Lucy, guys! So do you love it?
Thanks for coming. And for Lucy, I’m very grateful for your willingness. I’m definitely looking forward working with you anytime soon


Lucy Lin said...

:) Thank you for featuring me Erin :)

eternalbooks said...

It's been a pleasure working with you, Lucy

Laura W said...

I haven't listened to so many of these songs even though I've heard of the artists and I have no idea why! I listened to a couple and they're such great songs - you've got awesome taste Lucy! :D

Laura @BlueEyeBooks

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