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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Okay, if you have been following my blog, you probably realize that I rarely done book disscussion before. But I decided to write one because I think this is something that many readers have suffered including me, I suppose.

For you who don't know what reading slum is, well, I don't really understand about the term either actually. I've just heard about it few moments ago. But I came to the conclusion that reading slum basically a moment where you just getting lazy to read and feeling devastated because well, reading is your life.

Honestly, I never realize that I have been suffering reading slum until I watched about it on YouTube. *I give credit to Sasha Alsberg's Abooktopia*I think every readers has their own  So, I guess this is how my reading slum began.

1. I started to get busier.
 Well, ever since I entered high school, things has been getting quite overwhelming really. I need to spare more time to study, join school organization, music class, and other things. Basically I need to cut off some of my reading time.

2. My TBR was piling up
I got busy, I only had so little time to read but every month there were always new books to be read so it's like putting more pressure on your own

3. Reading was more like a job instead of entertainment
Well, that's exactly how I felt. My mind kept saying to me that I need to finish the book, I need to read the book. Well, it lost its fun.

4. So, I looked for another diversion
After a while, I was finally able to have some spare time. But I no longer used it for reading. I used it to watch movies and worse, drama. Well, I have always been a movie buff, but lately one of my friends started to give me some asian drama recomendations that's hard to reject. And honestly, studying hasn't been my reason to stop reading anymore, it's dramas. Gosh

So, that's how my reading slum begins. I used to think that I'm weird for thinking like that. But, I realized that many  amazing active readers has suffered the same thing. It's a human thing, and I guess it's a normal thing. If you have been suffering the same thing, well, these are things that I have been doing :

1. Relax, don't put much presure on yourself
2. Just find a light easy readings that kick back your desire
3. Have some fun

Well, if you have been suffering reading slums like I do, I  hope we can get this throught

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