Top 5 Book That I Read on 2013

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hi, Guys! As I promised, this is one of the first post about the New Year one. So in this one, I’m going to give you my personal opinion about the top 5 books that I read this year and some stories that I had with the books.

Anyway, please note that the list is about books that I READ this year NOT PUBLISHED. So, please understand that some of the books was published a couple years ago since I only got the chance to read the book this year . Let’s get started. The list is started from the lowest which is number 5 :D.( ps. Sorry for the long writing)

5. Colossus Rises by Peter Lerangis
 I know he has written dozens of books before, but this is the first one that I’ve ever read. Let me share the story of how I met this bok ^^. To be honest, it’s all the Fate’s doing. I was looking for a particular book or a magazine, I don’t really remember, at my favorite bookstore when I spot the Colossus Rises on the new release shelf. As much as you know me, I love to judge books by their cover, and I fell in love the cover immediately. Really show my type of readings. And as if it weren’t enough. My favorite author, Rick Riordan write his comment on the cover! Then, I checked for the author. At first I thought it was the writer’s debut. 
But soon I realized the the writer is Peter Lerangis, an infamous fantasy author that had written dozens of books that I’d missed. So  that’s the story.

Anyway,I love it. His writtings is really light and very easy to understand. Some people recommended it to PJO lovers. I don’t know about it. But I’m a big fan of PJO and I love this one. Anyway, the second one has released, I already have a copy on my shelf, but I haven’t had the chance to read it .

4. House of Hades by Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan is one of my favorite authors, so I think it’s quite surprising that I didn’t place it on the first
place or at least second. I have my own reasons I suppose. Is it bad? No, it definitely don’t. But when you read books that written by the same author for years, I guess you must have had some expectation on his writing. A standard, I suppose. Rick Riordan is an amazing author, in a matter of fact, one of the bests. So I guess it’s understanable that I give him a high expectation. And with the huge cliffhanger on the last book, I set my expectation higher. Unfortunately, the book didn’t reach it. I think the main problem is how the POV is divided. I don’t think it was divided in the right time. It’s like, it change to often. So do I dissapointed with the book? To be honest, a little. It’s so close to my expectation. Just a little bit and I will be pleased. But I’m still open for his new books including the next one Blood of Olympus which is going to released next year.

Anyway, I don’t have much story about how I met the book. I just buy it when it released because I’m such a big fan of the series and had been anticipating when it’ll released. But I do have story about the series. As you know it’s the sequel of PJO series. Well, PJO is one of the first series that I read in my younger years. So when I heard that he had released it sequel, I’m just fangirling.

3. Sweet Venom by Terra Lynns Child
Actually I have known this book since I was younger when I was looking at my goodreads recommendation. But the book wasn’t and still isn’t sold in my country, which is kinda sad knowing this book is very good. And the worst part, I didn’t have gadgets to read ebooks yet. Anyway, I almost forget about it until a couple months ago when I was looking at old pictures in my laptop and found the cover of the book. Apparently I saved it because I found the covedr absolutly breathtaking. So I immediately searching for the book and get the ebook. And after all this years, I finally get a copy and I love it so much. I love all the characters, relationship, and the twist on the myth!

2.  Gravity by Melissa West

Amazing books written so profesionally that you wouldn’t realize that it is the author’s debut! Well, I found this book when I was looking for books to read on the internet. I don’t remember how, but  somehow I got to this book. I read the summary, and it’s really interesting. It’s just straight to point. So I searched for the book at the local bookstore on my town, but I don’t find a copy. Apparently, it doesn’t sold in my country. So I decided that I find a ebook on the internet. Not really easy actually, since the book is one of the first ebook that I had and it is the author’s debut. But I got a copy eventually, and I’m really happy because I love the book very much. It’s not really my type actually. Aliens. But I love it. The ideas, plot, and mostly the characters. Anyway, the sequel has released this year. Haven’t got the chance to read one, but I’m going to spare some time for it.

1. The Elite by Kiera Cass
You must have understand why I put this one on the first place. Seriously, this book is amazing. I love the story, characters,and most importantly I love the writing. It’s so easy to understand, really sweet, you can feel all the main character’s feeling. Absolutly the kind of writing that I would love

 Anyway, I don’t have much to tell since it’s the second book of the series. But I do have stories about how I met the first one, that started the series. So, just like the Colossus Rises, it’s all fate’s doing. I was just looking for something in the internet when I found see the cover. And the most shockingly, I wasn’t searching for anything book related. An actor , I remember correctly. The dress that America wore on the cover is absolutely beautiful. One of the most stunning dress I have ever seen. So I click on the picture and to be honest, I was surprised. I didn’t even thought it is a book.  Then, I read the plot. And I knew that I’ll fall in love with this book. The series is still new at that time. Just two or three months after it was released, I guess. And Kiera Cass wasn’t an author that lot’s of people known at the moment. So you can guessed that it didn’t sold in my homcountry. I don’t know much about ebooks then. So I was really sad that I couldn’t read it. A month later, I went for summer vacation to another country. The first thing that I remembered is that I need to find the book. At first, it’s quite hard to find. But when I was starting to give up, I found it on an airport. Well, you can guess how embarassing I was.

That’s all. Anyway, talking about these books just make my fangirling worst. So, see you later


Anonymous said...

Ah, House of Hades, also known as the book that killed me. What can I say? I've been in love with Nico di Angelo ever since The Titan's Curse and his revelation was absolutely heartbreaking. I still have a massive crush on him, though, LOL!

HAPPY 2014!!!!

eternalbooks said...

It's true! I think he had layers of secrets and personality. I guess, with his revelation we can see more from him and the reason for all the things he had done

Feed Me Books Now said...

House of Hades is the one book I'm feeling so guilty for not reading… I used to be such a dedicated Rick Riordan fan! In truth, I haven't actually read any of these… but I've been meaning to, so that's a start, right? *looks down guilty* The Selection series sounds especially good, but there's nothing more frustrating then not being able to find a copy of an anticipated book!

eternalbooks said...

I think you should add House of Hades to your reading list, especially if you're a Rick Riordan fan! I always hunting his new books! Anyway, I'm kinda surprised to hear that The Selection isn't sold in your local bookstore. I always thought that your contry sold complete book collections! And I think you should read these book if you're a fan of fantasy or dystopian :D

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