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Saturday, January 18, 2014

I don't think I'll need to introduce this girl, since she is a very famous blogger. If you know me, you should have known her too. Well, incase you don't know, the girl called Ruby. She is the person behind Feed Me Books Now. It's an amazing blog. You should check it by clicking the picture above if you haven't. Anyway, I'm very honoured to be able to interview her. So, check out my interview with her :D. I'm the bolds one and she is the italics one


Hi Ruby. First of all I want to say thank you for your participation in this blog.
 Thank you so much for asking me! ;D

So, without wasting more time, let’s start with the questions. Umm.. Would you like to tell us how and why you started blogging?
I started blogging because, naturally, I’ve always been obsessed with reading… but also because I love to voice my opinion on things – just in a relaxed and fun way. So basically, I started blogging so I could write reviews, but stayed for all the added perks of being part of the blogosphere.

According to your blog you are a fan of classic book. Could you tell us why you prefer the genre instead of others?
There’s just so MUCH to love about them – they’re a lot more muchier than other books. They explore the human condition and humanity in general, they’re fascinating and you gain so much out of reading them. Some say classics are overrated, but, to be honest, they ARE classics for a reason… sooooooooo, point proven. :)

Anyway, your blog is amazing. You have the best design and your writing is wonderful. So, what do you like best? Design the template or write the post?
Aw thank you, it’s so lovely for you to say so! I definitely enjoy writing the content more.

Could you tell us why?
Well, for a number of reasons. I mean, blogging has always been a way for me to improve my style of writing, and that’s definitely something that has happened. For me, having a nice design is a way to attract readers, but good quality content is the way to make them stay. :)

As much as we know, you are a student, like most of us. So, we are very curious about how you divided your time for schoolwork, reading, and keep you blog updated? Any tips?
Admittedly, I do this very poorly! But recently, I’ve tried to get on top of things by putting all my post dates onto the Google calendar… you shouldn’t feel under pressure to post though (blogging should never feel like a chore!) and you should try to write quality posts over quantity.

Besides reading and blogging, do you have any other hobbies?
Definitely writing, there’s no doubt about that… and also all arty things like sketching, doodling and graphic design. :)

You have an amazing blog. Like seriously, really amazing. But it is said that you are free awards-blog. Would you like to tell us why?
Well, it’s really because, back when I first started blogging, I would get, like, 15 awards a day. And they weren’t proper awards, they were awards that other blogs had set up and awards you were required to do posts about – all of which I simply didn’t have time for!

Okay, last question. All of us want to be a great bloggers just like you. Do you have any tips for it?
Asdfghjkl that is so unbelievably kind of you! :) Just try and showcase your personality through your writing by writing the kind of posts you’d like to read.

Quick Question
Dream Country? Japan, especially the rural areas – so beautiful!
Favorite snack? Ummmm, oooooh, tricky! Probably Pringles.
Favorite movies? Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Hot Fuzz, Sean of the Dead, Submarine… very strange mix, I know…
Tomboy or feminime? Um, both really! I guess I’m a tomboy, but without sacrificing my femininity. :)


Well, that's my interview with her. Special thank to Ruby, it's been a pleasure interview and I would love to working with you again! :D


Feed Me Books Now said...

Aw thank you for hosting this interview! ;D It was lovely working with you and we should definitely collab again some time in the future. :)

eternalbooks said...

Sure , it's been a pleasure! I'm looking forward for it!

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