Lost in Babylon ( Seven Wonders #2) by Peter Lerangis

Friday, April 25, 2014

Publisher          : Harper Collins
Publish Date     : October 26th 2013
ISBN               : 9780062070456
Pages               : 384
Edition              : First US Papeback
Personal Rating : 8/10
Summary          : 
The adventure continues as Jack and his friends travel to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in the pulse-pounding second title in the Seven Wonders series.

With Marco gone and the first Loculus lost, Jack, Cass, and Ally are no closer to saving themselves (or the world) than when they first arrived at the Karai Institute. But when Bhegad tracks down Marco deep in the desert, the kids are off on the next leg of their quest-to the ancient city of Babylon. There the kids find themselves faced with a daunting choice that makes them question everything they've learned so far. It's a gut wrenching decision, but what the kids don't realize is that it's also a trap. Surprises pile on surprises until a long-lost figure from Jack's past returns, and the kids find themselves forced to engineer an escape that might just turn out to be a different kind of trap altogether....

A very nice sequel! Compared to the first one, this book has more twists, more dangerous adventures, and definitely more fantastic plot. I couldn’t choose which book is better, since both of them has their own pros and cons.

In this amazing sequel, the story focuses on finding the second Loculi which is very amazing. Their adventure are way more dangerous and thrilling.

Also in this book, you’ll see more character’s developments. Like Cass’s, Aly’s, and Marco’s. Yep, definitely Marco. You’ll see more layers of him. There are also some new characters, one of them is Daria. A very smart girl, you’ll love that girl.

The relationships between the characters are definitely developed too. You can see how they meant to each others. There are some conflicts,thought. But you can see that they really are a family.

In  my review of the first book I said something about my confusion of which one is the good guy and which one is the bad guy. I hoped that this book could answer my confusion, but it just make it more confusing . If you have been siding with the KI, you will rethink about it again. It’s getting harder and harder to choose which one is the good one, especially after reading the ending of the book.

                One part that I don’t like is  when they were at Babylon. I was hoping more from their adventure at Babylon. But I guess I put  my expectation too high. Somehow, I felt the plot a little bit flat and the paced is slower. The paced is going faster afterward, though. I also hoped that they’ll teach us more about Babylonians. It doesn’t work for me, but maybe it will work for you!

               The Babylon part is just one thing that I don’t really like. But after reading it further, I  remembered why I love this series in the first place. I felt the tense again. And the ending, it definitely make it up everything

                So, overall this book is as amazing as the first one. One of the most amazing sequel I have ever read. If you read the first one you must read this one.


Hellen said...

I didn't want to add more series to my reading list, but this one sounds really interesting.

eternalbooks said...

It is interesting! Recommended for fantasy lover :) And I always want to add some more series to my reading list! Especially that most of my favorite series have ended last year and the rest are ending this year :(

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