The One by Kiera Cass Release Reminder

Friday, April 25, 2014

Sup, guys! Hasn't posted anything for awhile. I saw my calendar today and I started fangirling. The One is less than two weeks away! It's literally the only thing in my head right now. Well, besides the national exam that start right on the day when The One release . Yes, it's frustating, especially that this exam is so important that I can't just set it aside -__-".

Anyway, I've been re-reading all of my Selections Books and fangirling all over again. I remember how the first time I got The Selection on my hand and start fangirling, on airport --". Then, I read the book at nights in the hotel where I stayed during my vacation,

I just realized that I haven't post my review for The Guard and The Selection Stories ( the paperback one). I think I will do it in few days.

Back to the fangirling. I hope America will end up with Maxon.( Umm, of course I do, don't you?) . I also hope that they'll finish the rebels and castes problem. I wonder what will happen to King Clarkson.

Oh I almost forgot, they post The One trailer about 10 days ago. It's amazing. I didn't find any clue about The One in the video, but I'm happy that they post some conversations from The Elite. If you like to check it out, just click the  pic below

 The One Official Book Trailer

 Also, don't forget to mark your calendars or do your countdown! It's on May 6th !


Hellen said...

I haven't read this series yet, but it's on my maybe list. I just have too many series going on at the moment. Good luck on your exams! You could get it and read on study breaks. I'm currently revising for exams and that's what I'm doing.

eternalbooks said...

I think you should read this series! They're amazing in their very own way. At first you might think the plot is cheesy, but after you read it, you will fall in love with the story and start fangirling before you even realize it! And thank you ! WIsh you all the best too!

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