5 Reasons to Read Hexed by Michelle Krys

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

About two months ago I got the opportunity to read and review Hexed by Michelle Krys  prior the publish date. And now, it’s just a week away before it’s actually release. I don’t know if Random House will publish it in my home country or not. But if they do, I will definitely buy a copy! Or maybe two for my friend! And I definitely recommend you to read the book. And I’m not telling you this because I review the ARC or anything. I write this to tell you that an amazing book is going to be published. And I don't want anyone to miss it!

Anyway  these are 5 reasons why you should read Hexed

The writing is wonderful
Writting style. Most of the time, people dismiss it. But the truth is, how the author write is very crittical. His or her writing style is like their signature style. And I definitely love Michelle Krys writing style. Her writing is really fun and light. It's easy to read and she is definitely added into my favorite author list. If you love fast-paced writing with some humor,well this author is definitely on your list.

The hot boy is HOT
Please, we got to admit to ourselves. Most of the time , we read because of the book boyfriends. You know what, this book has ‘em. And believe me , you’re going to love him.
 Well, I should say that he has his own charm. I think physicaly he has Damon Salvatore look . But his characters, they’re more like a mix of Jace Wayland and Usui Takumi

Contains strong heroine, but not that typical
I love strong heroine, any kind of them. Most of my recommended books have one. And so does Hexed. But most books give us that flawless, katniss-everdeen type with fantastic abilities. It’s used to be awsome. But let's be honest, that kind of girl is too common! We need someone with fresher character, honey! And this book has it! The girl is as kick-ass as all the other girls. But somehow, she’s different! Okay, shes's not perfect. She still need someone, she still able to cry, etc. But that’s what make her unique! That’s what make her her. And of course, that's what make her relatable to the readers!

It’s not that predictable
How many times we got bored with a book because, it’s predictable . Well, if you hate that kind of books, than this one is the right one. When you’re reading this book you’ll have lots of question popping on your head all the time. And when you’re trying to predict something, it’ll turn the other way around!  And of course, at the end of the book, you’ll shocked with the twist!

It’s full-package
Maybe some of you say that I love this book because I love urban fantasy. But this book is totally recommended for any YA readers. It’s like Cassandra Clare’s book. Whatever your genre is, you will love it! If you love romance, this book has one of the best romance. It comes a little bit too fast. But you can actually feel it’s happening. I mean, how many times you read a book when the characters suddenly kissing without anything happen? If you love action, well this book obviously has some amazing actions.

Well, now you can see why this book is sooooo good! You don’t even has any reason not to read it! So start counting! It’s come out on June 10th


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Hi :)
I nominated you for the Liebster Awards! (everything's explained here: http://craving-books.blogspot.fr/2014/06/liebster-award.html)
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Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books said...

Great review!! I want to read this book :)

Rachel @A Perfection Called Books

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