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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Okay, so it's been a while, a week or so I suppose, since the premiere of Insurgent. Therefore, I think it is the right time to post a review because most of you must have watched it and won't mind some spoilers right? Well, that and another reason. The other reason is that today I got some rare opportunity to post an article. Anyway, here we go

I have mixed feelings about this movie, honestly. Well, the movie itself is wonderful. It has some actions, well definitely more action than Divergent. But, as a reader, I have to speak up my disappointment. Honestly, it didn't surprise me. When I saw the trailers and everything, I know something going on. I just didn't think there would be this much of difference. I mean seriously, if they do the same thing in Allegiant, I will not be surprised if in the end Tris will not die --"

Then, I thought that this is a movie. Yes I am a book reviewer.  But, if someone who haven't read the book does come and see my article, it wouldn't be fair if I only judge it as a book to movie adaptation. It will be full of curses and bad words that you won't comfortable to hear if I do. So, for you who haven't read the book :

Like what I have said before, the movie itself is amazing. Compared to Divergent, Insurgent Movie is definitely better. The feeling that both movie posses are different too. While Divergent's Movie is kinda flat, Insurgent is that kind of movie that brings your adrenaline up and down. Because well, there are just so many action scene. I know I might sound crazy, but although there are some changes that I don't really like, I really enjoy the movie as a movie.

Another thing I like about the movie is that , well, of course Caleb. I love it when Ansel play good-boy Caleb, but I was kinda worried if Ansel could pull the traitorous Caleb off. But I think he could! So I guess there's one good thing.

Now, I'm going to review this book as reader. Well, I am really really disappointed with the changes. In Divergent there are lots of changes, but it still maintain some small details that the book fandom has been waiting for, like Ferris Wheel scene, the no mirror thing, and else. But Insurgent is lacking that little details.  For example, the relationship between Four and Tris is fine. There no fighting or disagreements. Four even being supportive when Tris admit that she killed Will. I don't think it is like that in the book --".

Well, that's my Insurgent movie review. Not my best review, honestly. But still worth watching for!


Laura W said...

I really liked the movie too! The directors and such did take some liberties with the plot but I understand why - you just can't include an entire book in a movie or it might get a little boring. Still, yeah it did leave out a bunch of little details. Same with Divergent! I did really love seeing Shailene and Ansel in another movie together after seeing The Fault In Our Stars. They really adapt to their roles well! Great review!

Laura @BlueEyeBooks

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