5 Things to Consider When Buying a Book

Monday, September 2, 2013

As someone who love to read,there must be times when we need to buy a new book randomly. When choosing a book randomly (or not), these are what make me decide to buy the book or not :

1.       Cover

They said,” Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but believe me. I’ve known lots of people who love to read and most of them love to judge books by their cover. I don’t know why, but I’m one of those picky reader :D. It feels like you can tell the story good or bad by their cover. And believe me, most of the times, it’s true!

2.       Synopsis

This one is almost like the cover, but more accurate I guess. From the synopsis I can tell what the story about. Is it an ordinary story with very common idea or it is a fresh story with a brand new idea, like Percy Jackson or The Mortal Instrument I guess?

3.       Popularity / Community Review

This one is really important for me. I’m not a big fan of buying a book randomly. I mean,I often do that, but sometimes I try to at least know what is the book about. And I can tell it from community review. Usually, I buy book from my Goodreads and friends recommendation. There are also times when I interested in a book ( Read : Cover ) and I check it first on the internet before buying it .

4.       Genre

I love fantasy and YA books. I always give them higher expectation more than others books. But I always think more when I’m going to buy book with genre that I don’t really fond of, like melodrama or adult-erotica. But I’m not  really often do this. I love to try kinds of books and most of them are good. For example, Beautiful Disaster. It’s out of my comfort zone, but I still found it amusing.

5.       Author

It’s not really important actually. Like I’ve said before, I love to try new kinds of books. But of course, I will buy more books that written by my favorite author. Because when I’m reading, I think the one that make the book interesting is not the idea but how the book is written. Every authour have different ways if telling the story. So if I love a book’s writtings, chances are I will look for other books that written by the same author.

Well, that’s it I guess. Do you love to do it they I do it? Thank for coming guys!


Frenchie4800 said...

All these points are very true! I ALWAYS judge a book by it's cover. It probably really bad but I think it reflects what the story is going to be like but then again, very little authors get control over their covers.

eternalbooks said...

Thank you!! I'm glad that someone agree with me!!

Chinese Violin Diary said...

I agree with the author part. Usually, I read only the books by certain authors such as Rick Riordan and others, but now that the books I'm waiting for are not in stores yet, I just tried other books from a different author you know, and I didn't regret it. So, sometimes it's beneficial to be open-minded :) . By the way, I got this epic book called Graceling, and it's written by Kristen Cashore, an author I had not known before. She's kind of that new awesome author, you know. You can check the book out in Books and Beyond :)


Anonymous said...

I ALWAYS judge book by their cover. If I don't like the cover, odds are I won't even pick up the book, much less look at the synopsis.

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