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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I think it's the time to close the event. I want to say thank you for everyone who supported this event. I realized that there are still many flaws and I hope I can make a better event next time. Helding this events, it's been a wonderful opportunity. I'm grateful that by this event, I can meet lots of blogger with the same tastes. Special thanks for every blogger who participated,especially Lucy. She is the first one to accept my invitation, and gave me the courage to continue the event when I was going to stop it.

Thank you


Frenchie4800 said...

I love creating events. It's so fulfilling when you make a good one. Great job with it by the way! I had heaps of fun participating in it. It was an awesome idea and I look forward to seeing some more events/features you create.

eternalbooks said...

Thank you for supporting and participated in this event. I'm very grateful for it and looking forward working with you again sometimes soon.

Brittney Walker said...

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that you don't have a follow link :( Or, I can't find it, at least.

eternalbooks said...

It is supposed to be at the sidebar. You cab follow me via email or bloglovin. Great blog by the way! Love what you write!!

NenaTH said...

wait are you going to stop doing this event ?, i just found it and i really wanted to join

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