Sweet Venom ( Medusa Girls #1) by Tera Lynns Child

Monday, October 14, 2013

ISBN       : 9780062001818
Pages       : 227
Publish Year  : 2011
Publisher  : Katherine Tegen Books
Format     : E-book
Personal rating : 8/10
Summary  :
Gretchen, a powerful girl, trained to slay monsters. She has done her job for years, and so far she always do it perfectly. But lately, things have gone wrong and interfere her job

Grace, a new girl in town. She has just moved into San Fransisco. She has always been a shy girl. And now, she's trying to fit in in her new school. 

Greet, an upper class socialita. Grow in a wealthy family, she is forced to be the best all the time

There are no reasons for them to crossing path. Except that they're a triplets and they're descendants of Medusa. With their job to save the world , they know that they will have an dangerous adventure.

Review :

A book with a nice cover I guess. And to be honest, it is the main reason why I was  interested with the book.But the book turns out to have a great idea : a triplet descendant of Medusa, with a little twist from the mythology. Really nice idea, I suppose.

The story starts with some great introduction. You’ll know about their characters immediately. Sadly few chapters afterwards felt flat. *SPOILER* For like 5 chapters, the story told  two topics only : Grace trying to convice Gretchen and Gretchen just fighting monsters. To be honest, I almost put the book down. But luckily, the story getting better and better after “the phase” . And after they met Greer, it’s become a page-turner.

As for the characters. Just because their faces are identical, don’t hope their characters are too. In a matter or fact, they're totally backwards. When you see their POVs, you can see the differences, which I should say that the author is a genius. You’ll be able to recognize the difference in the way they told the story.

My favorite character is Gretchen, I suppose. Since the first time I read the book, I know that I’m going to love her. I love the way she  stand for and take care of herself. A little bit temper and sarcastic attitude that make her an interesting character. For Grace, I think she is the most normal from the three. A sweet little girl, with low confidence but very enthusiastic. And the last one: Greer I’m quite dissapointed that her character doesn’t got much spotlight. They only show her for half of the book.

And for the romance, I don’t think there’s much of it. So I don’t really recommend it for romance-seeker. But, if I need to ship a couple, I think it’ll Nick and Gretchen. They have some cute chemistry and I think they will make a great couple. And I do looking forward for them in the next book.

Well, that’s all I guess. A recommended book for fantasy lover, mostly mythology one. And remember this, when the story got a little bit flat, don’t turn down the book immediately. It’ll get better and better!

" I don't ignore all the rules. Only the ridiculous ones." -Gretchen Sharpe

"I'm glad you did. I'm glad we... found each other. No matter how it happened"- Grace Whitefield



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