The One by Kiera Cass Revealed!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

First of all, I know I'm kinda late to inform this, but school has taken all my attention alright? Well, for you who haven't known about the cover, you can join me to fangirling the cover. *kyaaa*

 The one on the cover, she is America ,right? The colour of her hair is kinda brown,but I'm sure she is America. I mean, who else could it be? She looks really excited and pretty at the cover. And she is wearing her wedding dress!! Guess who she is going to marry! It's going to be Maxon ,right? RIGHT? Okay, sorry team Aspen, my fangirling is taking me over.

Let's stop being tacky! Real talk now. The book is going to release on May 6th 2014 *which is my birtday!!Kyaaaa!!Sorry ._. * Well, I'm sure you are crazy about it as much as I do! So let's ger crazy for too much waiting -__-"


Erhu Enchantress said...

That is awesome! I thought I'll never read the end of the story because The Prince is published as an eBook and I don't buy eBooks, but I didn't know The One is going to be published as well! Looking forward to it!

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