Why I Love to Read

Monday, October 14, 2013

Reading and writing are obiviously my favorite hobbies. I’ve been reading for ages. Since I was nine or eight, maybe? And it’s been wonderful thing to do. Some people say reading is a waste of time. Well, it’s not exactly wrong, it’s HOBBY. We do our hobby in our free times. But there are some benefit that  I get from this. So, for the readers or non –readers who by chances read this post, these are why I love to read :

1.       It’s fun
Of course it’s fun, it’s a hobby. It’s not a hobby if you are tortured with it. Maybe not for most people. But, isn’t it fun, escaping  the reality and join an adventure that you have never felt before? Sometimes it’s sweet, chalenging, and sometimes it’s a little bit sad too. Isn’t it amazing to feel it without actually feel it? Err, okay, it’s a little bit confusing. But I guess, you get what I mean, right?
2.       It’s great topic to talk to
Like fashion and movies, books help you connect with people who love it too! And you can talk about it all the time. You can talk about what’s new, what’s good, or maybe who is the author. And if you can actually connect with it, it’s a fun things to talk about, like gossips!

Okay, that’s the reason why I love book based on my experience. But these are the benefit that I got after reading for ages :
1.       You’ll be trained to imagine things
Who said that dreaming is bad? It is good, actually. There will be no airplane, cellphone,lamps, or any great invention without a great-out-of-the-box dream! And by reading, it’s expand your imagination by learning to imagine what’s written in the book. And to be honest, it’ll help you in your studies, like in geometry where you need to imagine abstract thing, I guess.
2.       Your vocabulary will expand

For me, it’s more than vocabulary. You see, I’m not born with English as my first language( Yes, it’s explain my bad English --") I study it in my school . But mostly, the vocabulary that I learn is actually from the books that I’ve read. So if you want to learn a language, reading books written with the language can actually improve it !
3.       Your writing will be better
Besides your vocabulary, your writing will improve too. Why? Because you’ll learn and see the example of good writing by reading. If you haven’t read a great example of a writing , how do you know your writings are good or not? And I have known lots of author that said reading is a must do to improve your writing. So, wanna be writter? Grab a book, fellas!
4.       You can read faster

I know this sound absouutly useless. But to be able do the fast reading stuff is actually a cool thing. And it does help you in lots of things, like your studies. This one is hard to explain actually, but you can feel the impact in your life when you start to do it!

Well, I guess that’s why I love reading in the first place and why I’m getting crazier and crazier about it. And I really hope that more people would like to give it a try, because it’s fun and easy to do. It’s going to be a little bit sad if you miss it!

Thanks for coming!


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