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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Insurgent - Fan Art Poster by addictomovie       
Well, since I haven't been writing for quite some times, I think posting another article won't hurt, right?
Anyway, Insurgent Movie is coming up. The new trailer just premier. For you who haven't see it, check it out here.

To be honest, the last time I read Insurgent was two years ago and I haven't re read it. So, maybe I miss some scenes or forget a few parts of the story. But there's definitely some scene that I don't remember supposed to be there, like the flying house?

I just hope the will minimize the difference with book. Because I'm kinda disappointed with the first movie. Well, why don't you just check out my Divergent Movie Review instead? Anyway, I wish I could see more friendship between the Dauntless member instead of FourTris romance. Because honestly, they gave to much focus on those in the first movie.

Just an extra link, if you haven't see it, there are deleted scene of the Divergent.  You should check it out. There are some scenes that I don't know why they deleted them because they fit the book perfectly. And I think there is a scene that you might love. Clue : Knife and eye. Well,you can check them here


Cambrie Nicole said...

omgiosh - Someone that agrees with me!! I recently read Insurgent and THE TRAILER MAKES NO SENSE! It's been driving me craaazy!

Azee Myu said...

I never like movies adaptions so I was not surprise when Divergent came out and suck in the end. Lol I definitely want to see the eyeball and knife part! xD
The Book Ponderer

Cecilie Blomberg said...

I love movie adaptations. Mostly because I see them as a whole different thing than the book. When I first saw the trailer for Divergent I didn't think it made sense, but it was surprisingly ok. My boyfriends roomie loved it a lot, which was funny. His thoughts were "Thank you teenage girl for showing me this movie".
I'm excited to watch this one, but maybe not excited enough to watch it in the movie theater...

Cucie @ Cucie reads

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