City of Bones Soundtrack ( Music : Reader's Friends )

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

City of Bones is coming up and I can’t wait *fangirling* . I’m in love with the book and I hope the movie wont disappoint me. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that most of you already knew that they are going to release an album , consists the soundtrack of the movie. I’ve heard the album’s preview and I think it’s great, eventhough most of the song have a little dark atmosphere. My favorite song is on the first list, which is “ Into the Lair” by Zedd.  So, I guess this is the soundtrack’s list
1.       Into the Lair by Zedd
Scene : Pandomonium or Magnus’s Party
2.       Almost is Never Enough by Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes
Scene : The ending ( where Jace and Clary driving to meet their mother)
3.       17 Crimes by AFI
Scene : Vampire’s Lair
4.       Heart by Heart by Demi Lovato
Scene : Simon leaving the Shadowhunter’s place
5.       Bring Me Home by Youngblood Hawke
Scene : Battle with Valentine
6.       When the Darkness Came by Colbie Caillat
Scene : When Luke tell the story about their past to Clary
7.       Strangers by Seven Lions, Myon & Shane 54
Scene : Silent Brother tried to cure Clary
8.       Magnetic by Jessie J
Scene : Pandemonium or Magnus’s Party
9.       Bear by Pasific Air
Scene : Magnus tell Clary about her mother
10.   All About Us by He is We ft.Owl City
Scene : Clary’s 16th birtday with Jace
11.   Calling from Above by Bassnectar
Scene : Any kind of action scene, I don’t know :D
12.   Start a Riot by Jetta
13.   Strange Days by Bryan Ellis
That’s the list guys. Anyway, on the list above, I add the ‘Scene’. Please note that they’re not the real scene. They just my opinion about where the songs are going to play on the movie. There are some songs that I don’t write the scene, because I can’t think any of the scene or because I couldn’t find the songs . So that’s what I thought about the soundtrack, if you guys have different opinion, feel free to tell us!
Thanks for coming, wish you all the best !


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