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Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's been a while since I posted my last article. I'm glad that I'm finally able to post a new article ^^. Anyway, I've join an event hosted by Boricuan Bookworms called "My Perfect Boyfriend". I was a little bit overwhelmed when I was choosing who is my best perfect boyfriend. I was tored between Jace Wayland and Maxon Schreave, but I chosed Maxon in the end :) Anyway, this is My Perfect Boyfriend :

Maxon Schreave

Maxon Schreave is the prince and the next king of Ilea. He has short honey-blond coloured hair. His eyes are brown and warm. He also has strong muscles. It’s said that he is more handsome in the real world than in the television. Before the Selection started, Maxon never had a romantic relationship with any girl, made him really clueless about anything related to it.

So,why I like Maxon ?

 To be honest, I’m not the kind of girl who like an akward guy. But the moment I met him in the book, I fell in love with him immeditely.Not because he is a prince, but sometimes his akwardness is really funny. For example , when  he is first shown. He said “ it is simply a matter of discovering who shall be the dearest.” And I was like *open mouthed* like what century did you come from??
 And despite all his akwardness, he also kind and sweet at the same time. Like when he gave America pairs of pants, even when she lost the bet. Also, if you read the novella of the series, The Prince, you will see the other side of him. Like when he ran to his room after he met America for the first time just to see her from the balcony =))

Anyway,  if Maxon is a real thing, I would imagine him as a handsome blonde guy, who loves to wear suit. His postures, would be tall and lean, with big arms : D.  It's hard to find a pictures of blonde guys that has a charm like Maxon's, so imagine these guys were blonde 

 Well, that's My Perfect Boyfriend! Hope you like it!
And, special thanks to Boricuan Bookworms who allows me to join the event!

 He shook his head, a small smile on his face. “ Okay, then. I can’t plan wars. I’m rotten at it. And I’m guessing I’d be a terrible cook. I’ve never tried, so—”
“You might have noticed the teams of people keeping you up to your neck in pastries? They happen to feed me as well”
I giggled. I helped cook pratically every meal at home. “More,” I demanded. “What else are you bad at?” He held me close, his brown eyes bright with a secret. “Recently I’ve discover this one thing …”
“It turns out I’m absolutly terrible at staying away from you. It’s a very serious problem.”
I smiled. “Have you really tried?” He pretend to think about it.
“Well,no. And don’t expect me to start.”

 – The Elite


Marianne Robles said...

I've got to admit, Maxon IS pretty swoony. Cant wait to read The Elite!
Great post!

-Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms

eternalbooks said...

Thanks, Marianne, it's been a great opportunity

Anonymous said...

Maxon is very handsome, hahaha

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