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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Before she was known as Pansycake Reader, but lately she change into a cooler blog, Chapteriosity. She is also a reader and an otaku . And now, she is a guest posters on my blog! Here is Kezia!!

Hey, peeps! My name is Kezia and I am the blogger behind the little blog Chapteriosity. As you can see, today I’m gonna talk about music music and MUSIC.

I can't imagine my life without music. I mean, I can't play any instruments but I listen to songs every day. My taste of music changes over time...and now I'm here to share music that influence my life.

The Disney Era
When I was in grade 4 or 5, I remember that I was sooooo obsessed with High School Musical. I already watched the movies multiple times and I went to the cinema to see the third movie. I chatted about HSM with my friends nearly all. The. Freaking. Time. I own the soundtrack CDs and I used to play and sing them A LOT. I listened to the songs everyday till my parents got sick of them. I also liked watching Disney Channel and my favorite shows were Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zac and Cody and Wizards of Waverly Place. And then there's Camp Rock too. *stops for a while to think about the peaceful childhood life where TV can be watched regularly and school assignments aren't this time-consuming* Through Hannah Montana, I began to know Miley Cyrus and listened to her songs (my favorite is The Climb, btw) and yet my obsession towards HSM was still unwavering...until...

The JPop Era
Until I saw Bleach on Animax when I was in grade 6. THEN my obsession shifted into anime and manga and I started listening to the openings and endings. I was obsessed with Bleach until I was in grade 7 and then my friend recommended me Fairy Tail (which I ended up liking more than Bleach and I admit I still do but lately Fairy Tail just seems to go...downhill? :/ Happens all the time with long-running animes!)

In grade 7 and 8 I was practically a total JPop lover and I memorized tons of Japanese songs. Some of my favorites musicians are Kana Nishino, YUI and SCANDAL. But when it comes to favorite songs, I got a lot, okay! Mostly SCANDAL's and Kana Nishino's songs but I also like D-tecnolife by Uverworld (Bleach 2nd opening), chAngE by miwa (Bleach 12th opening), Tooi Michi no Saki de by Ai Takekawa (Inuyasha the Final Act ending), Period by Chemistry (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 4th ending) and many more!!

Occasionally, I listened to Kpop because my friends talked about it everyday but I never was/am a big fan of Kpop. I just LIKE some of the songs. Probably the only Kpop singer I do love is Ailee and she has a really powerful and amazing voice! You should check out her songs!

The Western Era
Exactly when I was in grade 9, I began to listen to Western songs regularly in order to improve my English. This is still going strong until now. Honestly, I listen to English songs now 99% of the time! It has happened ever since my dad stopped subscribing to cable TV because I watched Animax all the time. I like listening to Taylor Swift because she wrote the some of the most relatable songs I know. My favorites are You Belong with Me, Back to December, Love Story and Red.

I also love a few of Carrie Underwoods songs such as Jesus, Take the Wheel and Don't Forget to Remember Me because they're really touching (really, I cried when I listened to them for the first time) while the more cheerful one is Ever Ever After. Kelly Clarkson's Stronger album is also full or great songs! 

And I think Adam Lambert is an awesome male singer because he performs really well whether on studio or live -- his voice still sounds as good as ever! I really really like his songs Whataya Want from Me, If I Had You and Never Close Our Eyes!

And I also want to mention my favorite musical movie: Pitch Perfect!!

OMG I HAVE NO WORDS FOR THIS MOVIE. Amazing just doesn't seem to cover my feelings. SKYLAR ASTIN AND ANNA KENDRICKS AND REBEL WILSON ASDFGHJKL I can’t wait for the sequel!! Although usually sequels aren't as good as the first movies... *ponders*

Actually, I would really love to talk more about music, but peeps, for now this is the end. *HUGS YOU ALL* (Psstt, first, I’d like to mention Titanium by David Guetta, another favorite of mine!)

Anyways, huge thanks to the lovely Erin for letting me guest-post over at her blog! <33 Have a great day, guys!!
Well, that's Kezia guys! Thanks you for coming! Special thanks to Kezia the amazing blogger for participating!


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