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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

So, today is the last day of the tour! And I have the privilage to host an interview with the author! Isn't it wonderful. Anyway, here it is

 What would be the hardest genre for you to write and why?
Religion. Simply because I have too many beliefs of my own and I don't believe in only one. I
believe in spirituality highly but then I also don't doubt other religions. I am fairly open minded.
So it would be too conflicting for me to write or suggest along the lines of only one. 

 What's the greatest thing a reader/reviewer has ever said and which book was it about?
That when they read the book it was read within two nights between work shifts and children.
She then read it again because she had fallen in love with one of the main characters so much. A
lot of my reviwers also say they can see it as a movie which always puts a smile on my face.

 Do you have any unusual/odd habits or superstitions when you're writing?
The only odd one I might have which isn't really by my own choosing. When I write my animals
decide to watch/ bond.
I have my beautiful Cavoodle (dog) Sia nap at my feet. My white cat Isa sit on my lap and my
black cat Forest sit on the back of my chair.

Everyone loves a scavenger hunt so jump aboard and collect the clues to form a hidden message pertaining to Possession Of My Soul. Visit all the blogs touring and look for the word in ORANGE in each scavenger hunt graphic. It is a contest after all, so the first person to get the message emailed to wins! For a full schedule of all the blogs participating go here:!possession-of-my-soul-/c202o .

And here's the last clue!



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