Cover Reveal : Blood of Olympus ( Heroes of Olympus #5 ) by Rick Riordan

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Yep, it's the REAL cover! You can start fangirling right know, Demigods! To be honest, I also did it when I first saw it on my Instagram's timeline.

Anyway, I feel that lately I keep posting cover reveal of the last book of my favorite series! Is it only me, or all my favorite series are ending :'( . Do you feel the same way?

Okay, let's save the tear for the last part. What are you hoping for this last book the amazing series? I really hope I can see Grover once again. I also wondering what happen to Calypso this time! I always wondering about what's going to happen to her since Battle of Labyrinth! Like Percy said, she would always be my biggest what if. And of course, what will happen to both camp?

 Well, thoose are questions that I want the answered in the Blood of Olympus. How about you?


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