Divergent by Veronica Roth

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Divergent ( Divergent #1) by Veronica Roth

In the future, a big city is divided into 5 faction. Each faction represent one value of humanity. There are Abnegation the selfless, Amity the peacful,  Dauntless the brave, Erudite the intellegent , and Condor the honest. Once a year, every sixteen years old need to take a test to decide which faction do they fit best. After taking the test, they will choose a faction to lived for the rest of their life. 

Beatrice Prior, an Abnegation, always feel that she doesn't have selflessness in herself. Instead, she always admire the Dauntless. Beatrice need to choose between her family or her own desire. She hope that the test will help her to chosoe, but instead of getting one result, she get three. People like this called Divergent, and said to be dangerous.

My review.

This is a dystopian and science fiction novel. Some people often compare it with Hunger Games, but I think this book has a totally fresh idea. At first, I felt that the beginning was a little bit too slow. But after Beatrice join the Dauntless, I felt that the book is getting better and better that I think my heart was pumping a little bit harder.

I like Trish. She is a perfect heroine. She is brave and loyal to her friends. She always ready to put her life in line in order to protect the one she hold dear too. I love how Trish chosed to chase her dream . I love her transformation. But, the best thing about her that like most is that she is divergent. She had a flexible mind and she wasn't some stereotype that people can't  labeled her with some particular factions.

My favorite part of the story is the Dauntless Initiation. I think it was a little bit tense but fun at the same times. I can imagine how dark the Dauntless was. I like when Trish and Four climbing the Ferris Wheel. I think it was sweet.

Well, that's all. One word for this book, amazing. ^^


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