Interview With Orizuka ( English Version )

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Every Indonesian reader surely recognize Orizuka. Miss Orizuka is one of the famous authors in Indonesia. She has written many best selling books in Indonesia, like Summer Breeze,Our Story , Infinitely Yours, etc. I think, she is my favourite Indonesian author. And for me, Orizuka is as good as Meg Cabot, James Patterson, Nicholas Spark. So, for Orizuka's fans or someone who want to know about her, I have done an interview with her, and here it is :

Q: Since when did you start writing?
A : Novels? Since high school
Q : Is being a writer is your aim in the first place?
A : No,I wanted to be an astronaut
Q : What inspires you to start writing ?
A : Books that I've read, especially Meg Cabot’s
Q : How ‘s your family’s responses about your job as a writer ?
A : They’re very supportive
Q : If you could, is there anything that you want to change  from your books ?
A : Maybe my writing style, I am still using too many words. I have changed some of them in their second edition. On my next book, I will try to learn to fix myself and keep improving my vocabulary
Q : What inspires your books? Does it come from your pesonal experience?
A : Most of them come from what I've read, what I've hear, what I've watch, what I imagine… It is really rare for me to write based on personal experience. And if I do, it is only for small things
Q : What message are you trying to send in your work?
A : Depends , every book is different. But mostly about friendship and family
Q : From all of your works, which one do you like best?
A : I like to writing Call Me Miss J. but from the contens, I like Our Story
Q : Are you writing or publishing new books lately?
A : There’s a new books that going to be published, but still in process
Q : Can you share a bit about your new works?
A : Because it is still in process, I can’t share it. But there’s one thing for sure, this one is a new series
Q : Who is your idol?
A : In writing? Meg Cabot and Rick Riordan
Q : Do you have a favorite author
A : Right now, I’m totally in love with  Rick Riordan’s works
Q : Is there a book that really amaze you?
A : Maybe The Princess Diaries Series, because of the books, I was more asure to start writing my own books
Q : What do you like best in writing?
A : Writing is freeing
Q : In writing, what is the most challenging thing in writting?
A : Looking for new ideas, or making a common idea become interesting
Q : What did you hope from the readers?
A : I hope readers can enjoy my works and give a construtive critics so I can keep improving myself

Well, that is my Interview with Miss Orizuka. Is it already answer your question about her?
And for Miss Orizuka, thank you for being kind to do interview with me 


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