The Colossus Rises ( Seven Wonders #1)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Colossus Rises ( Seven Wonders #1)
by Peter Lerangis
ISBN13 : 9780062070401
Pages     : 348 pages
My Rating : 8/10
Summary :

Jack Mckinley woke up in a place called Karai Institute which is run by Professor Bhegad. There, he was told by Prof Bhegad that he was a descendant of Atlantis who posess some unusual genes. His genes would kill him in a few months. Jack had two choices. Let the genes kill him or find the Loculi, a long-lost-acient magic power that will give him some superpowers.

At the Karai Institute, Jack also met people like him : Aly, Cass, and Marco. Jack and his friends, had no choice but leave their family and look for the Loculi, with no idea who they are suppose to trust. 

My review :

Five out of five. I definitely recommend this book! I remember the first time I saw this book on the bookstore, I was interested with cover immediately, mostly because my favorite author, Rick Riordan, put his comment on the cover :D . And I am not disappointed at all. I love the book. I think I fell in love with the idea and the storyline.

Some people said that if you like the Percy Jackson series, you will like the book. Well, I like the Percy Jackson series and I also like the book, so I suppose I agree with that. The similarity between Percy Jackson and The Colossus Rises is their genre which is fantasy. Another thing is that both heroes were a child with some super powers. But that's it. You can't compare both books. I like them equally, I can't choose which one better. They have the same concept but different idea.

Any fantasy lover would love the book. But if you are looking for romance, let me tell you , i you won't find it in the book. Well, I'm not saying that it isn't possible for the next book, but there was no romance at all in this books. But you don't need a romance to write a good book, do you?

Anyway, I love anything about the book. The writting style. The author can keep the book intense. I also love the idea about they had two choices,become a superman or face the death. And then,  they were so unsure if they were being told the truth or not. Keep wondering who is the bad guy who is the good guy. The other thing is that, they need to leave their family behind and make a new family. I love how they bond each other, backing each other, you can feel  a warm feeling about their relationship

My favorite character is not Jack but Cass. I think he is unique, I mean all of them is unique, but I like his character best. He was good with navigation and codes. And he like to speak backwards ^^

It is said that the book was targeted for pre-teens ( 8-12 years old) , but I'm a 14 years old and I enjoy this book very much. So, wheter you are a kid , teenager , or maybe even adult ,as long as you like fantasy, you will fall in love with the book.

"A problem was an answer awaiting to be opened" - Jack's Dad


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