Th Selection by Kiera Cass

Friday, May 24, 2013

THE SELECTION "In the world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels The Selection is the chance of a lifetime : to compete for gorgous Prince Maxon heart. But for America Singer it means turning her back on her secret love, and leaving home for a price she doesn't wat

Then America meets Maxon and all her plans start to cumble. Can the life she's always dreamed of compare to a fututre she never imagined? "

Yes, it is true!! It is The Selection! Recommended! For you who haven't read it yet, i think you should! Anyway, this book captive my heart since the first time I saw it in the internet and I remember how I kept searching for the book everywhere. This is the first book of a triology. The second one, "The Elite" has come out one or two months ago, but sadly I haven't got a copy. So, this is my The Selection's review.

First, I think I should say that I... LOVE MAXON!! ( Don't kill me Team Aspen) He was sweet, caring, cute, and sometimes he is kinda funny. I think he was a perfect guy for America.

Then, I should say that  Miss Kiera Cass is a great story teller. She told the story like it is actually happen to us. I love the idea of The Selection. I mean, seriously, what kind of girl that doesn't want to be princess?? I think the book is kinda like a fairytales story. I mean it is full with happy time.

And there's America. I like how strong she was. She didnt cry when Aspen leave her or even when the rebels came. She also quite a smart girl despite her castes. She was a girl that will always stand for her friends. And if she become win The Selection and become a princess, I think she will make a great role models for other girl

Well, that's my Selection's review , guys! Hope you enjoy it!!


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