The Mortal Instrument : City of Bones (Book #1)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

 ISBN13: 9781416914280
Author:  Cassandra Clare
 Pages : 442   
 Summary :
Fifteen years old, Clarissa Fray, always believe that she was a normal teenage girl. But then, she witness a murder done by some bunch of teenager that only she can see. It was the her first ecounter with the Shadowhunters, a world that she never thought her mother would involved in. And when her mother was missing, Clary was forced to join the Shadowhunter to find her mother and save the world from chaos. Bit by bit , Clary found more about her mom and her past that she never known before.
It is kinda late for the review I guess, but I just got the book lately so I only can review it now :’(
Anyway, this my review

First, I should say that Cassandra Clare is a brilliant authors! She describe everything in very great details! I can imagine everything about the book! I can imagine  the Institute, the vampire’s lair, the greenhouse, the library, everything.I can even imagine how handsome Jace is! I think she is one of the best authors I have ever known!
I love how the story told in Clary’s point of view, because she didn’t know about the Shadow World at first, like we do! I also love the storyline, I think it is in a great orders.  I found no flaws in the books. I just kept opening the next pages automatically. The other thing is there are many surprises in the book and couldn’t guess what will next. Like the Hodge thing and Clary and Jace being siblings
My favorite character? Definitely Jace Wayland. I think his sarcasm is the one that make the book really intersting. I love how caring he is toward Clary and always try his best to protect her. I also love Clary. She is a very strong girl. She can stand for herself ( eventhough Jace always stand for her :P) . She is one of the heroines that I like best. She can be a little bit clumsy at times, but she doesn’t afraid to fight for her friends. I think she can be a great Shadowhunter and a mundae at the same time ^^!
"To love is to destoy, and to be loved is to be the one destroyed," Jace wayland—
"It is your gift to see the beauty and horror in ordinary things. It doesn’t make you crazy, just diferent" —Luke Graymark


Ruby :) said...

Hehe don't worry, I only read this a few weeks ago! :) I also agree that Jace was my favourite character, but I really disliked Clary and Simon. They both really got on my nerves!

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