Tiger's Saga by Coleen Houck

Thursday, May 30, 2013

 by Coleen Houck

Kelsey Hayes was a normal girl with a regular life, until she met a white tiger that actually an acient Indian prince, Ren. Ren and his brother, Kishan was cursed, and only Kelsey who is able to break it. In order to break the acient curse, Kelsey and her tigers needed to find all Durga's Gift which meant they must finished some dangerous adventure that they never image before.

For you who haven't read and you like romance, fantasy, and little bit of supernatural, I say, you should read this book. This book is good and I used to wait for the next book, but the series is finish now :( And for you who already have read it, I hope you like the series as much as I do.

What tiger do I like best? Dont hate me, but I like Kishan better than Ren. Because Kishan is funnier , more aggresive, and he is interesting in his own way. I also think that he was the most developed character where he is grew from being childish and selfish into a gentleman. I think I know how it feels to be Kishan, to be the second child. I know how it feels to be overshadowed by your older sibling and you feel like you need to prove yourself harder. I know the feelings, and I think  that's another reason why I like Kishan better, because I feel like I understand him more than Ren.

Do I disagree with Kelsy ended up with Ren? No, of course not. I think it was a perfect ending for the three of them. First, Kelsey and Ren finally set aside their ego and admit their feeling (Anyway, I think the wedding is so sweet >_<!). I also like the way Ren didn't force Kelsey to forger about Kishan and Kelsey finally realize that Kishan was important to her . And for Kishan, it was good that he finally found a girl that will love him back. And finally he loved a girl that wasn't his brother's.

And for my favorite one, definitly the second one, Tiger's Quest because that's where we actually saw the other side of Kishan, and maybe that's the time when I started like his character! ^^

" I laid my eyes on you that day,and I haven't ever been able to look away since " Kishan , Tiger's Destiny

" The truth is, I would rip you away from the arms of any man, villain or no "- Ren- on Tiger's Destiny


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