Mark Of Athena by Rick Riordan

Friday, May 24, 2013

My Rating : 10/10

I know there is a lot of you that already have read this books but I just want to tell you how I think about :). Anyway, for you who doesn't know about it (I doubt it) this is the third books of Heroes of Olympus. The Heroes of Olympus Series is the sequel of Percy Jackson Series.

This books is fantastic!! Best of the series!! Why? Because, for the first time we can see the 7 demigods united! They came from the different environtment but at the same time, they're all same, demigods. Don't forget to mention how heated it was between the Grece and Roman. However, they should set aside all those difference and history to save the world. All the heroes were trying to get along with each other but seems there wasa competition between the heroes.

And as an Annabeth Lover , I should say, this books is my heaven! I mean, all this time, I always knew that Annabeth is really cool. I mean, she was smart , strong, and beautiful.But somehow I feel that Annabeth was only Percy's sidekick. And after I read this book, I knew that Annabeth is a true hero.

Another reason why I love the book is that the story of Annabeth and Percy is really cute and sweet. Sometimes when I read a book, when the male and female lead start dating, i feel that the story become a little bit boring. But not this one. Rick Riordan can keep their story cute and really fun to read,

Actually, there's still lots of good things that I want to say about this fantastic books.But I suppose, I can stop it here. Hope you like it!!


Kezia D said...

I'm re-reading this now!! Annabeth is fantastic and I agree that it's the best of the series so far :D I can't wait for The House of Hades!

-Kezia @ Pansycake Reader

Ovell said...

I think the reason why the romance isn't boring is because it's not guaranteed that Percy and Annabeth will be able to stay together forever. It's the anticipation and slight anxiety!

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